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UPTET 2016 : English Language

UPTET 2016 : English Language
61.   The line ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ has been written by which of the following?        
       (a) William Wordsworth      (b) John Keats
       (c) Robert Frost                 (d) P B Shelley                                     (b)
62.   Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb. It is’t easy to ……… children now-a-days.
       (a) trin up                          (b) bring up
       (c) put up                          (d) leave out                                         (b)
63.   Pick out the comparative form of the sentence. He is as wise as Soloman
       (a) Soloman is wiser than ha is                                                     
       (b) Soloman is not wiser than he is
       (c) He is wiser than Soloman                                                        
       (d) Soloman is the wisest among them                                           (b)
64.   Point out the figure of speech in the following sentence.
       ‘Here’s the smell of the blood still, all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand’.
       (a) Metaphor                      (b) Hyperbole
       (c) Oxymoron                    (d) Personification                                 (b)
65.   Who wrote ‘Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested’?
       (a) E V Lucas                    (b) V S Naipaul
       (c) Francis Bacon              (d) E M Forster                                     (c)
66.   ‘Shylock’ is a character in which play?
       (a) Othello                        
       (b) The Monkeys Paw
       (c) The Merchant of Venice                                                           
       (d) Romeo and Juliet                                                                      (c)
67.   Complete the following proverb.
       The pen is mightier …………. .
       (a) than the King                (b) than the artist
       (c) than the actor               (d) than the sword                                 (d)
68.   Fill in the blank with the correct preposition. He killed rwo birds ………. one stone.
       (a) by                                (b) at
       (c) of                                 (d) with                                                 (d)
69.   ‘Arms and the Man’ was written by which playwright?
       (a) Jone Osborne               (b) William Shakespeare
       (c) George Bernard Shaw   (d) Eugene O’Neill                                 (c)
70.   Point out the active voice fo the following sentence. This notice has been altered.     
       (a) Alteration has been made in this notice by someone                 
       (b) Someone has altered this notice
       (c) Already the notice has been altered                                          
       (d) The notice had been altered previosly                                        (b)
71.   Fill in the blank using the correct prepositional phrase.
       Shall we play indoors ……….. sweating out in the Sun?
       (a) instead of                     (b) other than
       (c) but for                          (d) because fo                                      (a)
72.   Fill in the blank with an appropriate choice. If you make a promise, you must be sure to  ……… it.
       (a) accomplish                   (b) keep
       (c) follow                           (d) succeed                                          (b)
73.   Choose the incorrect part of the sentence given below.
       (a) One of Mohan’s ambitions                                                        
       (b) in life were to visit
       (c) all the historic places   
       (d) in the counrty                                                                           (b)
74.   Choose the correct part of speech of the underlined word.
       It is a unique book.
       (a) Verb                             (b) Noun
       (c) Adjective                      (d) Adverb                                            (c)
75.   Transform the following sentence by using ‘too’. Choose the correct alternative given below.
       She is over anxious for the safety of her son.
       (a) She is too anxious that She wants the safety of her son            
       (b) She is too anxious for the safety of her son
       (c) She is too anxious that her son may be safe                             
       (d) She is too anxious so that her son might be safe                       (b)
76.   Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
       (a) Rationalist                    (b) Theologist
       (c) Believer                       (d) Ritualist                                           (c)
77.   Choose the word similar in meaning.
       (a) Successful                   (b) Sensible
       (c) Punctual                       (d) Diligent                                            (d)
78.   Change the following into indirect speech by choosing correct alternative.
       Our teacher said to us, “sugar dissolves in water.”
       (a) Our teacher told us that sugar dissolved in water                      
       (b) Our teachar told us that sugar has dissolved in water
       (c) Our teachar said to us that sugar has dissolved in water           
       (d) Our teachar told us that sugar dissolved in water                       (d)
79.   Choose the appropriate synoym of word.
       (a) Greedy                         (b) Hungry
       (c) Heavy                          (d) Wealthy                                           (d)
80.   Write the name of the writer of the lesson ‘A Fellow-Traveller’.
       (a) Ruskin Bond                 (b) CEM Joad
       (c) AG Gardiner                 (d) James Allen                                    (c)
81.   Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition. She has been living ………… this city ………… ten years.
       (a) for, to                           (b) in, for
       (c) to, for                           (d) on, to                                              (b)
82.   Choose the opposite of the word.
       (a) Conceal                       (b) frantic
       (c) momentons                  (d) fanciful                                            (d)
83.   Select the antonym of underlined word. This frivolous remarks provoked no comments.
       (a) serious                         (b) frantic
       (c) momentons                  (d) fanciful                                            (a)
84.   Pedagogical knowledge includes
       (a) knowledge of content    (b) knowledge of method
       (c) Both (1) and (2)            (d) None of the above                            (c)
85    What is the skill among the ones given below that cannot be tested in a formal written examination?                    
       (a) Meaning of words and phrases                                                 
       (b) Extensive reading for pleasure
       (c) Analysing text             
       (d) Reading for information (b)
86.   Drills are considered important in which method?
       (a) Translation Method       (b) Grammar Method
       (c) Billngual Method           (d) Pattern Practice                               (d)
87.   Which of the following is a lexical word?
       (a) Principal                       (b) If
       (c) Some                           (d) Whether                                          (a)
88.   English is a ……….. language in India.
       (a) second                         (b) foreign
       (c) first                              (d) global                                              (a)
89.   Select the appropriate alternative which best expresses the meaning of the following phrase. To beat the air         
       (a) To make frantic effort   (b) to make effort that are useless or vain
       (c) To act foolishly             (d) To make every possible effort          (b)
90.   Select the appropriate synonym of word TRUNCATE.
       (a) Cancel                         (b) Act cruelly
       (c) Cut off                          (d) End swuftly                                     (c)


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